Some Myths about Clone Removers

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Now much is spoken about file clones in your computers and their influence on your PC drives. Some say that you need just to be careful and not add the files which already exist, others are sure that it is necessary to unclutter PC hard drive regularly to raise its speed and improve computer operation. But the truth is that we often forget to remove timely some excessive photos and mp3 files and as time goes by, their quantity is getting so large that programs start working much more slowly, computer freezes at times and all these things make life just horrible... In such a situation there's only one remedy - Clone Remover! They are frequently used now, but still much info is left not quite clear about them. Let's consider now the most widely-spread myths connected with clone removers.

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Myth 1. It's hard to use a photo and mp3 clone remover

No, it's wrong! Think, for instance, of Audio Comparer, the best mp3 clone remover so far! Using it is extremely easy, according to multiple users. Firstly, it has a built-in comparison wizard which masterly takes you through the whole process of searching, finding and removing mp3 duplicates. All you have to do here is to specify where your mp3 collection is located on the hard drive. All the rest work is going to be done by the program itself automatically. You can even specify several logical disks at a time, thereby saving a lot of time!

Myth 2. It removes only exact duplicates - full clones.

That's complete nonsense! Though we do know that the majority of programs search for duplicates by file name, size, or other external properties, but Image Comparer, unlike other today's clone removers, is able to analyze the content of photo and recognize not only complete duplicates, but similar images as well. You are only to set the similarity level, show the program where your photo collection is and enjoy its work. It can efficiently handle resized, rotated, and flipped images as well. Moreover, as a result you get pairs of similar photos, differences being highlighted. That's not the end - if you like, the program can choose the best shots out of the pairs and remove them in one click automatically.

Myth 3. It does remove photo and mp3 clones but not completely.

That's not true either! High-quality programs always do their work well. Thus, using Audio Comparer you'll be able to not only get rid of mp3 duplicates in your music collections, but clear your iTunes library from mp3 clones as well! It's enough just to put a tick in the correspondent checkbox in the Comparison Wizard and it's done! To avoid faults, program has a built-in player - so at any stage you can stop and listen to this or that file!

So, it's up to you to decide of course, we wish you'll choose the best clone remover for your photo and mp3 collections!